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what is a doggie cone?

The Doggie Cone is an amazing new product for creating and serving wonderful frozen treats to your dog, without the mess. Made from an extremely durable, food-safe polymer, Doggie Cone can be used over and over again. So instead of spending a small fortune on raw hide bones and treats each week, make your own treats that they’ll love even more!

Doggie Cone provides a unique and delicious experience, keeping your dog occupied and hydrated while curbing their urge to chew by soothing their gums.

Veterinarian Recommended to help keep your dog cool and hydrated on hot days, and excellent for teething puppies and anxious dogs.

There's no limit to recipes you can create. Everything from chicken broth and peanut butter to carrots, apples and dog treats!

How Does it Work?

Fill with water to one of the fill lines (can be broth or other mixture as well)
Stir in any treats, meat, fruit or veggies they like (easy to keep it healthy)
Cover and seal with base, then freeze (typically overnight or 7-8 hrs)
Run water over the top to remove and it's ready to server. Bone-a-petreat!

Buying Options

Doggie Cone Single
Doggie Cone Single
1 - Single Cone
Doggie Cone Double Pack
Doggie Cone Double Pack
2 - Double Pack
Doggie Cone Triple Pack
Doggie Cone Triple Pack
3 - Triple Pack

George, my 2 yr old English Bulldog can and will chew through anything I give him. The Doggie Cone is awesome because it keeps him occupied, interested, and makes no mess! He loves it more than any other toy or treat I give him.

Abby Wilson

Product Details

Extensive design and testing time has gone into the Doggie Cone. They're designed for stacking so fitting multiple cones in the freezer is a snap!


  • Clear food-safe and dish-washer safe plastic
  • Ribbed design optimized for licking enjoyment
  • Ridged at top for stability when inverted for freezing and stacking
  • Provides 2 fill-lines to make 22 oz and 12oz versions


  • Solid food-safe and dish-washer safe ABS (extremely durable and chew resistant
  • Low profile design to prevent tipping
  • Replaceable support pole
  • Concave design to capture 2 hrs of melt water at room temperature
  • Rubber feet to minimize sliding